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I bought a frozen Premium Butterball turkey, kept it frozen and thawed in the fridge as directed. When I took it out of the plastic bag I noticed the outside of each drumstick had dark colored patches, and the skin weird, as if it had been injected with something.

The turkey started browning early, so I turned down the oven and tented it with foil. I checked it an hour early and the dark meat had already fallen off the bones. It was dry, nasty smelling, and totally "unturkey" looking. Since I was hungry and love dark meat, I ate a little from the wing.

Mistake. I ended up with GI distress for days.

The dark part smelled strange, and even my dog wouldn't eat it. Obviously, Butterball is no longer the go-to brand for poultry.

Review about: Butterball Premium Turkey.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Henderson, Nevada, United States #1274496

Nice try MakeMyDay2016 but you do realize that others can see all the replies as well?

Fullerton, California, United States #1269644

So since your dog was smart enough not to eat it I take it your dog is smarter than you?

to MakeMyDay2016 Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1273844

Who would not at least taste their christmas or thanksgiving turkey. Its tradition. If you make your turkey and suddenly you find after spending 12 hours cooking it that it was a bit off I doubt most people would abstain.

to deluviansorrows Fullerton, California, United States #1273979

Then most people are foolish as the OP. THe smell even gave it away that it was not fit to eat.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1266264

Odd, but obviously something happened somewhere along the line. I suggest you contact Butterball directly at "butterball.com" and either chat with them or send them an email, etc.

and tell them of your problem. See what they do, if anything. Who knows? If the mutt won't eat it, you know something is awry.

By the way, there is no need to buy the Butterball brand over a store brand. Butterball doesn't raise and process better turkeys than other brands.

They all come from turkey farms and processing plants. Buy when on sale and don't fall for the brand name nonsense.

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